SoCentral – Creating new solutions to societal challenges

To solve our most pressing societal challenges we need to collaborate. By coming together we can create innovative and sustainable solutions. Solutions that lead to lasting positive change. Identifying common agendas and building trust is important to succeed, however it is both time consuming and difficult. Achieving valuable long term collaboration can be even harder. The result is that very few organisations pursue these kinds of journeys.

SoCentral is an organisation where solving the social challenge at hand is the only agenda. Using the mindset of an entrepreneur, we foster cross-sector collaboration and innovation. We start creating new solutions when we are confident that others will join later. We connect entrepreneurs and organisations from all sectors where collaboration is needed, and  share knowledge and models for others to use and copy. Our goal is system change.

We partner with people and organisations that want to be part of tomorrow’s solutions, and run a nordic incubator for social innovation in Oslo, Norway. At the incubator you find a working space, meeting facilities and a large community of likeminded people. We also provide capacity building programs both for social entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs/employees from the public, private and civil sector.

The Nordic Incubator for Social Innovation

Are you a socially conscious entrepreneur with an idea that can achieve social or environmental change? Then you should become a member of our incubator.

Today the Incubator has 230 members from 110 organisations and a portfolio of 50 solutions that we are involved in. 

SoCentral’s business incubator brings together people developing new solutions in areas such as health, environment, urban development, integration, welfare, education and new funding models. Members consist of both established businesses and new startups that come from the private, public and voluntary sectors. We believe that together we can form partnerships to create a better world.

Members have access to:

  • Work space in the 5th and 6th floor of Sentralen conveniently located in Oslo’s city center
  • Networking members have access to workspace and other incubator facilities
  • Free meeting rooms
  • Free wireless internet
  • Printer (price based on usage)
  • Opportunities for knowledge sharing and idea development with other members
  • Informative and exciting internal arrangements and events
  • Valuable contacts and connections that contribute to solution development
  • Support for the sharing of ideas and solutions via SoCentrals website, social media channels and SoNews (online news publication)
  • Free coffee and tea


Incubator membership offers unlimited access to flexible workspace and networking opportunities for likeminded individuals across all sectors.

  • Access 24/7
  • Price per month: 2000 kr

Network membership offers access to SoCentral’s facilities and networking opportunities.

  • Includes use of the facilities up to 20 hours per month, including up to 6 hours in meeting rooms
  • Price per month: 1000 kr

Contact our Community Manager, Marie, if you have any queries or you are interested in membership.


SoCentral works together with organizations and entrepreneurs that develop and promote solutions to social challenges. We establish new initiatives, source financing, develop economically sustainable business models and connect partners across sectors. Our networks provide us with the competencies and resources that are necessary for developing and implementing new solutions to societal challenges. Contact us to find out how we can work together.


SoCentral and incubator members have developed many solutions to social challenges together. These solutions affect everyone from individuals to large groups and many are scalable to both national and international levels. If you want to contribute to the development and/or financing of one or more solutions, contact SoCentral or the relevant company.

Example of a solution:

PådrivSolutions towards a sustainable future

  • Our long term ambition is to transform an area in Oslo to a global example of a future sustainable city. An area where the future Norwegian welfare model finds its form and Norwegian businesses are able to show what role they can play in the development of a sustainable city.
  • SoCentral is the project coordinator and process/innovation manager.
  • The Pådriv committe consists of Swedco, RCN, Telenor, Ruter, Abelia, OsloMedtech, Tekna, Oslo Municipality and Norwegian Design- and Architecture center.

Who are we?

SoCentral was established in 2012 by Thomas Berman, Cathrine Skar and Håkon Iversen. Since then we have added Stina Låstad, Thomas Evensen and Marie Harbo Dahle to our team.

‘What motivated us was that we were so tired of hearing rhetoric about how important it is to collaborate in order to find good solutions to social challenges. However, everyone went home to their silos and worked as before. Therefore, we decided that we would create this collaborative space ourselves. With just 30,000kr in capital, we embarked on our journey and the belief that we can change the world.’

  • Thomas Berman, CEO