Date 18.10.16
Time 16:00-18:00
Place SoCentral @ Vinterhagen, Sentralen

SoCentral invites all socially conscious entrepreneurs with groundbreaking ideas or solutions to apply for the 100 Pitches Entry Round focused on Social Innovation.  Pitch your idea to compete for a spot in the finale, with a cash prize of 300 000 kroner and the chance to pitch before an audience of investors and journalists.

SoCentral is no longer taking applications from pitchers and would like to thank everyone who applied.

The application deadline was October 3. Please join us as audience!

Audience members can click here for a free ticket.


Social Innovation

The world is in constant change. Globalization and technological developments continually create socio-environmental challenges that must be addressed in a sustainable manner. Despite an abundance of knowledge and resources; silos, conventional thinking and obsolete structures threaten the development and application of innovative solutions. As the Nordic Incubator for Social Innovation, SoCentral intends to overcome these challenges by offering an open environment where actors from all sectors can collaborate on impactful solutions. We host social entrepreneurs as well as actors from the private and public sector, who all work on solving social challenges ranging from climate change to integration through social innovation.

Why Pitch?

  • Compete for the main prize at the main stage in front of investors and journalists, where DNB gives 300.000 kroner to the winning pitch.
  • Connect and meet with influential stakeholders within the Nordic startup ecosystem. 
  • Showcase your startup to the biggest group of investors at Oslo Innovation Week.

Competition Guidelines

Entry and Registration

  • The pitch must be in English.
  • The pitch must be a solution to a SOCIAL or ENVIRONMENTAL problem.
  • Space in the entry round is limited to 10 pitches, selected from the pool of registrants by SoCentral.
  • The application deadline is October 3, 2016. Applications must be submitted through the form below.
  • Applicants will be notified by October 7 if they are selected to pitch. Applicants will also be notified if they are not selected to pitch.
  • The pitching team/individual is given 3 minutes to pitch their idea or concept. This is followed by a 2 minute Q&A with the jury.
  • Power-point presentations are allowed and must be in English. The presentation must be sent to SoCentral by October 16th.


Pitches will be assessed by the jury based on the following guidelines.

  • Quality of presentation: Does the message come through?
  • Real innovation: Is it a breakthrough improvement?
  • Timing: Is the timing right?
  • Team: Is the right team on board?
  • Distributive traction: Is it a ‘simple’ way to scale, distribute and deliver?
  • Durability: Is the market position defensible in the long run?
  • Investor Ready: Will the idea benefit from experienced investor participation and funding?
  • Company secret: The unique opportunity that no one else sees.
  • Originality: Is the pitched idea or concept original?


SoCentral is no longer taking applications for 100 Pitches and would like to thank everyone who applied.


Faye, Intern at SoCentral –

Marie, Community Manager at SoCentral-